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GAMERA: The Giant Monster (1965) (English Subtitles)

From out of the arctic comes a gigantic flying, fire-breathing turtle that sets its sights on destroying Tokyo.

GAMERA vs BARUGON (1966) (English Subtitles)

A giant monster that emits a destructive ray from its back attacks Japan and takes on Gamera.

GAMERA vs GYAOS (1967)(Japanese with subtitles)

Mt. Fujiyama is spouting lava, which Gamera finds tasty, and landowners are upset over a new expressway project. A boy and a reporter go into a cave to find the source of a strange green light; it’s a monster, Gyaos, with a nasty mouth ray. Gamera spins into action.

GAMERA vs GYAOS (1967)(English Version)

A gigantic bat emerges from a volcano to terrorize Japan and only one thing can stop it…Gamera!

GAMERA vs VIRAS (1968) (English Version)

Gamera the Flying Turtle falls under the spell of evil aliens, but two children free him and he returns to fight the aliens’ monster, Viras.

GAMERA vs VIRAS (1968) (Japanese with subtitles)

Aliens plotting to conquer Earth see an obstacle: Gamera. They also see a solution: use their “brainwave control device” to force Gamera to do their destruction for them. The aliens also kidnap two mischievous Boy Scouts, which proves to be a mistake in that classic “Ransom of Red Chief” sort of way.